Great night of music at the Santa Monica Playhouse featuring myself, Steve McCormick, and We Are The West.


Click here for advanced tickets. This show is selling out fast! Also check out the Facebook Event page for more info. Looking forward to seeing you there!

New partnership with Bugera Amps & TC Electronic Pedals

I am pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Music Group, a corporation that owns Bugera Amps, TC Electronic, Behringer, and Turbosound speakers. They invited me to audition to be one of a select group of musicians with whom they'll create video content showcasing their brands. I must admit, it's been a while since I've had to audition for anything! It took only a few short minutes to discover how relaxed and artist-friendly the atmosphere at the Music Group office is. I recently filmed my first video with them, and happily, the good folks at Music Group were as pleased with the result as I was. I hope you enjoy it as well, here it is.
Carlos Calvo
Carlos Calvo Live with Bugera Amps

Carlos Calvo Live with Bugera Amps

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

A musician takes a long walk on the Camino de Santiago.

While I was walking the Camino de Santiago, I was asked by a digital travel magazine, to contribute a few articles about my experiences as a musician traveling this ancient pilgrimage across Spain with guitar in tow. Thank you to Concierge Questionnaire for the opportunity to share a few chapters of this inspiring and insightful journey. To read the last installment please click here.
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